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The Groton School Campus, Groton, Massachusetts

The Groton School Campus | Groton, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants Inc. has provided land surveying services for a number of Groton School projects, including the Campbell Performing Arts Center, The Visual Arts Building, the Buildings and Grounds Offices, the Graves House renovation, the expansion of the Bingham Boathouse on the Nashua River, a faculty housing development, the Daycare Center, the Brooks House dormitory expansion, and the Headmaster’s house. Most significantly, Samiotes prepared a Campus Base Plan covering approximately 470 acres that was developed using digital orthophotography (aerial mapping) with a GPS (Global Positioning System)-generated control network of horizontal and vertical control points. The aerial mapping continues to be up-dated with on-the-ground surveying as needed, and serves as a foundation for the School’s GIS (Geographic Information System) under development. Recently, Samiotes completed a bathymetric survey of the Nashua River bottom near the school’s boathouse for the design of outlet structures into the River.

Client/Designer: The Groton School

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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetery | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants performed Construction Layout Services in support of a renovation of this historic 1840 Gothic Revival chapel.   Samiotes established a closed control network through the Chapel in order to accurately transfer the location of finished stonework and proposed floor corings from the Chapel floor to the vaulted ceilings of the basement below.  This work allowed project masons to drill through the floors for proposed HVAC ductwork without fear of structural damage or damage to the carved stonework of the Chapel.  Bigelow Chapel was built in the 1840’s and was designed in the Gothic Revival Style by Dr. Jacob Bigelow working with architect Gridley J.F. Bryant.

Client/Designer: Marc Truant & Associates, Inc.

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Olmsted Hill, Brookline, Massachusetts

Olmsted Hill | Brookline, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants surveyed and mapped the site of two underground reservoirs located in the Fisher Hill Historic Area of the Town of Brookline. The survey of this 5-acre site included the sub-surface limits and depths of the 100-year old reservoir structures and the extensive network of utility conduits underpinning the site and adjacent roads. Samiotes is currently working on the subdivision and site design for this site that will contain both market-rate single family homes and affordable housing.  Samiotes Consultants prepared an ANR Plan that created four lots on Fisher Avenue, the sale of which are helping to finance the development of the balance of the site.

Client/Designer: Town of Brookline, New Atlantic Development Corporation

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Solar Array Layout, Phoenix Park, Shirley, Massachusetts

Solar Array Layout | Phoenix Park, Shirley, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants, Inc. provided on-site construction layout services for the erection of two large solar panel arrays on the property of this old mill complex. The Phoenix Park Mill already had large banks of solar panels on its roofs, and added two ground-mounted arrays to further lessen the Mill’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Samiotes set the location and directional orientation of coordinated grids for the laying out and off-setting of control lines for the arrays, and had a surveyor equipped with a robotic instrument on site daily, working directly with the contractor as 140 piles were poured in place.  Samiotes supplied real-time precise line and grade as the contractor set base plates and anchor bolts on the piles.

Client/Designer: Chapman Construction/Design, Inc.

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Governor’s Avenue Garage | Medford, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants performed land surveying and civil engineering services elemental to the feasibility study for a proposed municipal garage to be built on the site of a demolished parking structure near Medford Square.  Samiotes completed a comprehensive existing conditions survey of the site including topography, property line and utility inventory. Samiotes Consultants also employed a sub-consultant for both geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering services to conduct subsurface exploration at the site. The data collected by the survey and subsurface investigation were compiled in working drawings used for the structural and architectural design of a new parking garage to serve the needs of the commuters and shoppers of Medford.

Client/Designer: Utile, Inc.

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Lyman Estate | Waltham, Massachusetts

Samiotes Consultants provided land surveying services for this National Historic Landmark site.  The estate consists of the 1793 Lyman mansion, a carriage house, gardener’s cottage and greenhouses set in thirty-seven acres of pleasure grounds, gardens, and woodlands. Samiotes surveyed the estate and prepared an AutoCAD existing conditions base plan including topography and utilities for the immediate and future use of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Due to the lack of utility information available for The Lyman Estate, Samiotes Consultants enlisted the services of a geophysical services company to perform a non-invasive subsurface utility investigation of selected areas within the Estate. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR), electro-magnetic and radiolocation equipment were used to locate undocumented utilities for inclusion on the Existing Conditions drawing.

Client/Designer: Historic New England

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The Gifford School, Weston, Massachusetts

The Gifford School | Weston, Massachusetts

Samiotes provides Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services for the Gifford School.  Samiotes Consultants performed boundary and existing conditions surveys and prepared AutoCAD base plans of the Gifford campus for the use of Samiotes engineers and other design consultants.  Recently, Samiotes worked on the design & construction of a terraced parking layout and driveways at the school. Samiotes Consultants was also involved in the site design, permitting and construction layout of the Fenn Center that replaces a building destroyed in a December 2009 fire.  The school desperately needed this new space, and that spurred the project team on to complete the permitting process in record time. The project received approval from the Town of Weston Planning Board through the Limited Site Plan Approval process, and construction of the Fenn Center began in the spring of 2010.

Client/Designer: The Gifford School, Chapman Construction/Design, Design-Science

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