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The Nine Zero Hotel  |  Boston, MA

The Nine Zero Hotel | Boston, MA

Samiotes Consultants Inc. was originally retained to review the project engineer’s resolution of service access, and then was retained by the architect to provide the entire civil engineering design of this 190-suite hotel. Given the Nine Zero Hotel’s urban setting (adjacent to the Parker House Hotel) and limited space, the most challenging problem facing this site was the provision of an interior vehicular drop-off, loading dock facilities, and accessibility of solid waste containers. In addition to resolving difficult turning radius movements, Samiotes provided solutions to the architect with respect to column locations and header heights. Samiotes Consultants also provided computer-generated graphics to illustrate methods of access and egress to the building to the Boston Fire Department. Approvals were obtained from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission and the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Architect:  Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

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Chelsea Wyndham Garden Hotel  |  Chelsea, MA

Chelsea Wyndham Garden Hotel | Chelsea, MA

As an important part of the Everett Avenue Revitalization Project, this civil engineering design was crucial to furthering Chelsea’s commercial growth. The design required maximizing the area in this previously-developed, small, city lot to accommodate the needs of a fully-functioning, 180-room, 7-story hotel (i.e. parking, drainage, landscaping area). In addition, Samiotes configured the design to complement the master plan for this area developed by the city of Chelsea.

Architect: ASI Architect

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Staybridge Suites Hotel  |  Andover, MA

Staybridge Suites Hotel | Andover, MA

Samiotes Consultants Inc. was designated as lead consultant for the “fast track” approvals for the civil engineering design and construction of the  133-unit Summerfield Suites Extended Stay Hotel. To accommodate the local approval process and the project’s aggressive schedule, Samiotes completed a full set of approval drawings in two and a half weeks for three local boards: the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Board, and the Conservation Commission. All three boards had separate requirements for design plans and calculations; these were submitted concurrently. In addition, Samiotes Consultants Inc. value engineered the site from the architect’s original concept three days prior to submission, thereby reducing the earthwork premium by approximately $175,000. Upon completion of approvals, the project was acquired by Staybridge Suites Extended Stay Hotels. Samiotes Consultants completed Construction Administration for Staybridge Suites.

Developer:  Dickinson Development Corporation 

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The Holiday Inn  |  East Boston, MA

The Holiday Inn | East Boston, MA

Samiotes Consultants Inc. provided civil engineering services for the conversion of this hotel from a Ramada Inn to a Holiday Inn. The major site issue was an ongoing drainage problem limiting a second means of access to the facility during annual storms. The problem had not been addressed in the past since the existing drainage infrastructure, adjacent to the site, appeared to be too high to accommodate the problem area given the elevation of the road and the pipe size required to service the area. Samiotes Consultants Inc. illustrated to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission that, by using smaller diameter pipe, and allowing hydraulic surcharging of the pipe, the drainage problem would be mitigated.

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