ALTA Survey Service Available from Samiotes Consultants, Inc.

ALTA Survey services from Samiotes Consultants, Inc. (SCI) meet all of the land survey standards of ALTA, ACSM and NSPS. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Plans are prepared to provide lenders, title insurance companies and potential buyers with information helpful in evaluating the risks and benefits of owning a particular property. Legal boundaries, easements, rights-of-way, availability of utilities and conformity to relevant land use regulations are all factors that affect the ownership and development of Real Estate. At SCI, our experience in investigating these important elements of a parcel of land enables us to provide an accurate and reliable Land Title Survey to our clients.

Samiotes Consultants, Inc. is an Engineering and Land Surveying firm with significant accomplishments in support of real estate development and conveyance in the greater Boston area and throughout New England. We have performed ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for properties ranging from the 23-acre Stony Brook housing complex in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston to the suburban campus of the Gifford School in Weston, Massachusetts.

Samiotes Consultants, Inc. provides ALTA Survey Services in these and other locations:

  • ALTA Survey MA
  • ALTA Survey Boston, MA
  • ALTA Survey Cambridge, MA
  • ALTA Survey Northshore, MA
  • ALTA Survey Southshore, MA
  • ALTA Survey Metrowest, MA

Our staff has many years of experience in the complex methodology of preparing accurate mapping and determining legal boundaries on the waterfront and streets of Boston and in the many old towns of New England where a few square feet, an old right-of-passage or a missing utility line can impact a proposed sale or affect a project's schedule.

Our work is tailored to the project - a downtown intersection that is a maze of surface details, underpinned with utilities and a subway, cannot be approached in the same way as a suburban development. We will investigate a site, perform preliminary research and determine a scope of work before submitting a cost proposal to our prospective clients.

And, should a comprehensive survey uncover any environmental and/or land use issues that may affect pending developments, SCI's in-house engineers are available to provide expert advice and consulting services on such issues as:

  • Municipal, State and Federal Permitting
  • Site Development Feasibility
  • Federal, state and local wetlands and waterways matters
  • Federal and Massachusetts Environmental Policy Acts

Samiotes Consultants has professional staff that is licensed in most New England states and are committed to meeting our clients’ schedules and budget. Our rigorous QA/QC program ensures that an accurate, reliable product is delivered the first time.

About Samiotes Consultants, Inc.

Samiotes Consultants, Inc. is a site development firm that provides civil engineering and land surveying services to a variety of market sectors. Since our inception in 1987, Samiotes Consultants, Inc. has held true to the belief that building a solid foundation ultimately leads to the success of the project.

Our commitment to accuracy, creativity, and reliability remains the cornerstone of our business. Our true strength, however, is in our people. We realize that the energy and commitment of our staff is what truly defines us. With over 75 years of collective experience and our strong company philosophy, Samiotes Consultants, Inc. creates "the beginning" that is vital for our clients' success.